A bedspread has one simple job to do: Keep the occupants of a bed as comfortable as possible, allowing them to get much-needed sleep and awaken refreshed. That is why bed spread are often known as comforters because they can have such an impact on the overall experience of sleeping in a bed.

At the same time, bedspreads can also be a source of hassle and inconvenience. Although some manufacturers claim that their products of this kind are easy to take care of, many of them nonetheless emerge from the dryer misshapen and lumpy. Most high-end bedspreads cannot even be washed at all, instead requiring that their owners take them to a local dry cleaner or another specialist.

Part of the reason for these inconveniences is that the bedspreads many people are used to are fairly crude in terms of design. They might be made from luxurious materials, but the basic idea of permanently enveloping an insulating inner layer with a softer, fixed cover inherently leads to problems.

One increasingly popular alternative to this style of bedspread is the duvet cover. Instead of having a permanent cover that must be washed along with the core, a duvet consists of a removable cover and a separate insulating section.

That simple change leads to a number of important advantages. For one thing, covers can be switched around as desired, making it easier to synchronize a cover with the changing furnishings and accessories in a bedroom.

Most significantly, though, it means that the covers can be taken care of in the usual ways with a residential washer and dryer. This makes it far more convenient to clean covers frequently, instead of needing to pay a dry cleaner twenty dollars or more for the work.

Because of this, many people who buy from the New Artisan Range Of Doona Covers or similar product lines find themselves enjoying their bedding more. While the traditional quilt cover that most people are familiar with can be comfortable, they can also be demanding in terms of maintenance requirements. A duvet system, on the other hand, will be a lot more flexible and accommodating.

Since the whole point of such accessories is to keep their owners comfortable, this is an important advantage. In practice, a duvet-style bedspread will not feel much different than one of standard design, offering the same level of comfort. Over the long term, though, it will be a lot easier and more pleasant to own and live with.